Vid Polončič

Vid Polončič

I was a very lively child. That was how people used to describe my playful and inquisitive character. Since I can remember, there was always something creative in the works at our home. My first loves were drawing and designing paper pulp sculptures – a technique inspired by my father Peter. I have kept a few of my childhood creations to this day.

From music to clay

During my teenage years, my main passion was music. Ever since I first heard my brother Andraž play the guitar, I have been enchanted by its sound and my enthusiasm for its melodies and harmonies grew. For quite a few years, I played the Epiphone Les Paul, wrote songs and sang in a band called Naleen. My greatest wish was to fully dedicate myself to music after graduating high school. OdBeatli and The Toronto Drug Bust were the main bands with which I performed and toured around Slovenia and abroad. Besides my beloved wife Ines, music has been my constant companion in life, and I am just as fascinated with it now than I was when I first got introduced to this wonderful artform. 

muzejska delavnica

My curiosity then once again brought me to the art of shaping – this time with clay. 

It is absolutely amazing how many various, pure shapes can form on the potter’s wheel!

I decided I simply had to master this skill. And here I am doing exactly that.

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