I’m still learning. The greatest challenge is to find one’s own signature expression. I am convinced that the basis of quality Pottery Products lies in the mastery of technique and subtlety. My path winds somewhere between tradition, intuition and innovation. I want to replace the craft’s worn image by draping it with novel artistic possibilities. 

Pottery products
Pottery products

Old knowledge

My approach to pottery, the material and techniques I use, mainly derives from the Slovenian tradition. It is with this combination that different traditions offer a rich pool of knowledge, refined by several generations of potters.


Anyone who has ever indulged in the art of creating, be it writing, dance, professional sports, music, cooking, or any other artform, knows that the end results always reflect the vast amount of invested effort, knowledge and time. I like to delve deep into the things I do and explore their potential thoroughly. 

All glazed ceramic products are food safe and have undergone the necessary testing.  

For more information about my products, feel free to leave me a message.

Pottery products

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